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Spectacular Nairobi Excursions – The Scenic Fourteen Falls

Fourteen Falls The scenic waterfall at Thika is one of the popular attractions of Nairobi and the most visited excursions.

The great Africa Rift valley where the River Athi has several waterfalls and one of them is the spectacular Fourteen Falls. Athi River is the source of the 14 consecutive waterfalls.
When you see the fourteen falls you realize that nature can speak to you in the language of the falling waters which seem to communicate to you a message of tranquility and peace into your innermost heart desires. The falls receive the name from their fourteen successive falls of water along the famous Athi River, border between Thika and Machakos districts.

Location: The fourteen falls is located about 65 km away from Nairobi off Thika - Garissa Road turning at Makutano junction. Drive to Thika (40 km), and then continue in the direction of Garissa, after 12 km, right a dirt road which leads to the Athi River (9 miles).

Facts: The Fourteen Falls waterfall at Thika is a spectacular 27 meter deep and a perfect day trip. Fourteen Falls was recently declared a National Park and a short stop to view the falls is well worth while.

Things to Do:There is a lot to see and do while in this scenic site, boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching are among other activities.

» Kilimambogo: Kilimambogo lies near the Fourteen Falls and is a Swahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo and home to the late Great Philanthropist Sir Macmillan.

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» Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park: It is about 25 km away from Thika town and a famous sanctuary for the buffalo. You can also have a chance to climb Mount Kilimambogo.

» Thika World War Memorial Park: It is a place where gallant African soldiers were immortalized. It is along General Kago Road.

» Mama Ngina Gardens: It is along Mama Ngina Drive. It contains walkways and public lawns.