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Mount Kenya National Park Wildlife Safari Tour

Mount Kenya National Park Mount Kenya National Park was established in 1949, is spread around an area of about 715 and lies about 175km North-East of Nairobi. This mountain is located to the east of the Great Rift Valley and is the second largest mountain in Kenya, standing at an altitude of 5199m (17,058ft).

This mountain has been sacred to the natives for generations and the Kikuyu tribe believes that this place is the abode of "Ngai" the Supreme Being.

Mount Kenya has been inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is an important water tower in the country.

The importance of this mountain can be gauged from the fact that about 50% of water for the population is supplied from here and produces about 70% of hydroelectric power. This mountain is a natural beauty with unseen and untouched landscapes, rugged glacier-clad summits, dense forests and Afro-alpine moorlands.

One of the major attractions at this park is the wide variety of wildlife inhabitants like the elephants, black rhinos, leopards, Sykes and Colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephants, black rhinos, leopards, the elusive Bongo antelopes and giant forest hogs. This park is also home to some rare species of birds such as the olive pigeons, red-fronted parrots and the giant kingfisher.

There are lots of African safari tours being organized at this park which takes you through the pristine wilderness, lakes, tarns, glaciers and peaks of great beauty. Some of the major attractions at this parks are geological variety, forest, mineral springs, rare and endangered species of animals, High altitude adapted plains game, unique montane and alpine vegetation with 11 species of endemic plants.

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Once on a visit to this place you can indulge in lots of recreational activities like game viewing, cave exploration, mountain climbing and camping.

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