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Nairobi Railway Museum - A Cultural Heritage

Nairobi Railway Museum The railway museum is situated at the north-west end of Nairobi station and can be seen from the Uhuru Highway where it crosses the main line. Situated in an old railway building, this historical museum is dedicated to the history of the railroad in Kenya.

History: Established in 1971, the museum was created to preserve and display to the public the relics and records of the railways of East Africa.

One can witness the Kenya of old, dating from the times of industry brought about by colonialism, and driven by Africans and Asians. The Nairobi Railway Museum is one of the historic place people visit to get answers about the past era of the railway development in East Africa.The story about the man eaters of Tsavo can be learned well from this museum.

The railways undoubtedly played a central part in shaping Kenyan history. It helped a lot to support and establish present day Nairobi. The trials and tribulations of the line, together with the political details about how the railway affected the lives of people from Africa, England and Asia, is a fascinating history.
You will be enthralled by visiting the Railway Museum in Nairobi.

Major Attractions: The Railways Museum has 10 old steam trains in the yard, which was built between 1923 and 1955; in addition to the interesting selection of old train memorabilia inside the actual railway museum building. Also there are two working restored steam locomotives, which are kept in the nearby workshops.

Here you also find displayed in a large sideboard, an assortment of glassware, crockery, cutlery and silverware used by Queen Elizabeth II and her royal entourage in 1959. Antique collectors will love items such as brass lanterns, huge clocks, old-fashioned telephone heads, typewriters, plates, cups and cutlery used in the trains and ships.



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Museum Events: For enthusiasts, there are also two working restored steam locomotives kept in the nearby railway workshops, access is not usually a problem, ask the museum curator to arrange a visit during weekdays. One of the steam locomotives usually hauls a tourist excursion from Nairobi to Naivasha on the second Saturday of the month - and all-day outing which is great fun and highly recommended.

Things to Do: Within the museum there is a cafe /restaurant with a large balcony that offers a great and breathtaking jungle view. It also has touristy shops selling local handmade jewellery, African artifacts and souvenir items.

There is an enormous statue of a dinosaur just at the entrance to the museum which is always a hit with children. Another major tourist attraction within the grounds is the Snake Park which has just been refurbished.

» Museum Timings: Open from 8am to 5pm every day of the week and most public holidays

» Admission Fees:

» Kenya citizens: KSh 100,

» Residents and Non-Residents:
KSh 400,

» Resident and Non-Resident Students: 200 KSh,

Railway Museum
Karen Road, Karen,
Box 30121-00100
Nairobi, Nairobi Area