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Nairobi Snake Park near Nairobi National Museum

Snake Park The Snake Park at Nairobi is one of the biggest tourist attractions located in the heart of the city, adjacent to Nairobi National Museum.

This park was started in 1959 and its building was completed by the end of 1960 with funds given by the War Memorial Committee.The soul aim of this park was to educate the locals and tourists about snakes and common reptiles.

With time this parks had generated lots of attraction and today it serves a dual purpose i.e. to educate the public about various varieties of snakes and at the same time help researchers, educators and conservationists study the breeding habits, skin casting, food and effects of climate change of a large variety of snakes.

This park is unique in lots of sense as you will find that a large number of researchers do frequent this place and donate a diverse variety of local and international reptile species.

On a visit to this park you will surely be amazed by the variety of snakes from the most venomous ones to non-poisonous ones like the African-Rock Python, Cobras, Puff Adders and Mambas.

On a visit to this park you can also have a glimpse of various species of African crocodiles, Tortoises, Fresh Water Terrapins and American Alligators. This park also has a nice collection of various varieties of fish from the East African lakes and rivers, displayed in aquariums.

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