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Ngong Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary

Ngong Forest The forest is 600 hectares of urban forest managed by a private charitable trust The Ngong Forest Sanctuary Trust.

Ngong Forest is the only indigenous forest in the world that is located right within the confines of a capital city. The forest is a precious resource for Kenya's capital city.
Location:The Ngong Forest Sanctuary is located just 6km from Nairobi city centre on the doorstep of four million residents. An area of 600 hectares of this urban forest has been entrusted to the management of a private charitable trust - the Ngong Forest Sanctuary Trust.

History:: The very first Ngong Forest Sanctuary Walk was launched in 1991 offering visitors to Kenya the chance to enjoy one of Nairobi's most beautiful visitor attractions. Today, the Ngong Forest Sanctuary Walks are held every Tuesday and Thursday in the morning and afternoon and last about two hours.

Guided by a qualified naturalist and accompanied by a security guard, walkers will learn all about the forest's history, its indigenous plants and trees and its amazing bird and animal life.

Facts:: The Ngong Forest Sanctuary is mandated to protect, conserve and effectively manage an existing urban forest of over 500 hectares within Nairobi’s City boundaries. The Ngong Forest Sanctuary comprises 538 hectares of forest, 80% indigenous forest and the rest exotic Eucalyptus plantations, located within the larger Ngong Road Forest Reserve.

The Ngong Forest center serves as a resource center for disseminating information through screening of educative conservation based movies to schools, tertiary colleges, and universities, the local community, visitors and Nairobi residents. Occasional school visits by both public and private schools.

Flora & Fauna:


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» Plants:The most common trees are the Croton megalocarpus, Olea africana, Albizzia gummefera, Ficus Thonningii. Species of these trees grow larger along the seasonal Gogo River, which cuts across, forming cathedrals with spreading canopy.

» Birds & Animals:Ngong Forest Sanctuary has an amazing 190 species of bird species including Grebes, Cormorants, Darters, Egrets, Herons, Hamerkop, Storks, Ibises, Goose, Ducks Vultures, Kites, Buzzards, Eagles, Plovers, Sandpipers, Bee-eaters, Mousebirds, Woodpeckers, etc. Ngong Forest Sanctuary holds over 35 species of mammals which include Bush Buck, Dik Dik, Duiker, Suni, Leopard, and Tree Hyrax. The forest has a wide variety of amphibians such as Toads and frogs, reptiles such as Tortoise, Lizards and snakes which together create a stunning sanctuary in the heart of Nairobi.

» Main Attractions: The major pull this forest sanctuary offers is the diverse variety of wildlife. Its rich in biodiversity as compared to other nearby forests and is home to over 120 bird species, over 35 mammals and numerous insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

» Adventures & Activities:

» Forest Fun Run:The major activity which carried out from past 3 yrs is the Forest Fun Run. The main purpose of the forest fun run is to create awareness on the importance of the forest and its conservation. The event is usually divided into 10km, 5km and 3km categories with the later being the favorite for walking by parents and young kids.

» Junior Bike Riderz: This is planned to be a weekly event on every Sunday. It's organized by a group called Junior Bike Riderz.

» Ngong Forest Entry Rates:

» Daily Entry Charges:

Adults  Children.


» Residents KSh 100 KSh 50
» Non-residents USD 10 USD 5

Bicycle Riding:
» Residents KSh 150 KSh 50
» Non-residents USD 15 USD 7.5

Horse Riding:
» Residents KSh 200 KSh 150
» Non-residents USD 20 USD 15