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Enjoy Wonderful Glimpse of Nairobi Nightlife

Nightlife in Nairobi is very vibrant and is mostly related to the numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs which can be found all over the city. Nairobi is a city that never sleeps; the rhythm is fast, day and night. Nairobi nightlife bustles with activity. You can enjoy a night out at one of the many Nairobi clubs, watch a movie or have dinner in a fine restaurant. At night, Nairobi offers abundant entertainment options catering to different interests. Nairobi nightlife traditionally starts at bar first, since the clubs and discos in Kenya don’t get busy until around midnight and don’t close until the sun rises.

Several clubs in many parts of Nairobi offer "cultural nites" which feature music, traditional foods and drinks from some of Kenya's main ethnic communities. This provides an excellent opportunity to the tourists, basically the foreigners to see Kenyans unplugged and hear the biggest local music acts. Nightlife in Nairobi has more in store with its movie theaters, casinos, restaurants, cafes and bars. Several hotels have clubs and bars on their premises making it easy for their guests to enjoy the nightlife. There is enormous scope of enjoying nightlife here. Nairobi nightlife can be enjoyed at the fullest with drinks and getting down and dirty at the beats of the local and international Dj's. Entry fees to clubs of Nairobi are low and prices inside reasonable.

Here are some of the popular places where you can enjoy nightlife of Nairobi:

» Club Barn: Situated on Ngong Road inside the Ngong RaceCourse, Club Barn offers a host of activities. It consists of 3 main areas: The upper Foyer, Bonfire Patio and Main Bar.

» Florida 2000 Discotheque: The popular disco of Florida 2000 Discotheque, also well-known as 'F2', is located on Moi Avenue.

» Havana Restaurante and Bar: The Latin style cocktail bar serves a wide selection of drinks.

» Modern Green Day and Night Club and Friendship Corner: The pubs serve a wide selection of drinks in a relaxed setting.

» New Florida Nightclub: The popular club is an ideal place to enjoy the live music.

» Pango (F3): Located on Moi Avenue, this cocktail lounge attracts a lot of expats, tourists and upper class Nairobians.

» Pavement: Its main attraction is the lively nightclub. There is a dance floor on bottom level and 2 bars inside the lounge..

» Simba Saloon: It has perhaps the nicest discotheque in Nairobi.

» Zanze Bar: The club on Moi Avenue in the Kenya Cinema Plaza is frequently visited by local people and also a favorite among the tourists..