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Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Safari Tour

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park The OI Donyo Sabuk National Park was established in 1967. This park is just 85 km north-east of Nairobi and its name refers to the solitary mountain which stands in the park at an altitude of 2,145m i.e. 8,000 ft.

This beautiful wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of around 20 sq. km. The park boasts of beautiful landscape covered by forested slopes. On a visit to this park you'll surely be amazed by the beautiful views of Mounts Kenya and Kilimanjaro

The native Maasai's named it OI Donyo Sabuk which means "Mountain of Buffalo" and you'll notice that numerous buffalos graze the vast green-lands of this national park. This mountain is also named as Kea-Njahe, meaning "Mountain of the Big Rain" by the Kikuyu tribesmen. These tribesmen have a perception that this mountain is one of the homes of the Supreme Being Ngai.

There are lots of safari tours being organized at this park for the tourists and visitors. One such tour takes the tourists to the top of the mountain by a 4X4 vehicle; from where the visitors can have a view of the breadth-taking spectacles of Nairobi and other lowlands around the wildlife park. One of the major attractions at this park is to have the ultimate forest experience by camping inside the park.

Apart from the beautiful views of the mountains, other major attractions at this park are the Fourteen Falls on Chania River, cascades, scenic sites en route, bird sanctuary and graves of Sir William Northrop Macmillan (1872-1925) and his wife Lady Lucie. The wildlife attractions at this park boast of animals like baboon, colobus, bushbuck, impala, and duiker and a variety of migratory bird species.

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