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Paradise Lost - Nairobi's Perfect Excursions

Paradise Lost Nairobi Paradise Lost is a very popular venue particularly for Kenyans at weekends. It is one of the largest picnic spots in Kenya and the best known Nairobi Excursions.

It's home to some 2.5 million Old Stone Age caves and used to be hide out for the 'Mau Mau' freedom fighters

Surrounded by a quiet, traditional village where the local people welcome visitors with the warmest of smiles.

Location:Paradise Lost lies on an estuary between the calm clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the freshwater Ramisi River. Paradise Lost is located on a 54-Acre Piece of Private Land 8 Kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya's Capital City off Kiambu Road.

Facts & History: Paradise Lost was given its name by a group of colonial mapmakers, who searched in vain for the villages and coastal estuaries they had been told about by local guides. One day they stumbled onto an area of such breathtaking beauty that they declared it a "lost paradise". This is how "Paradise Lost" got its name. The area has a rich history, and at the heart of Paradise Lost lies the ancient ruins of a Persian trading settlement, dating from the 11th century.

Main Attractions:  Lost is also a home to ancient caves and you get a little of Kenyan history as you learn as you how they were formed and who used them. You will find a tropical fauna and flora here in a large variety. There are over a hundred varieties of birds. The nature trail is also exciting for nature lovers as you get to explore the indigenous and exotic trees and of course enjoy the freshness of the atmosphere.

Activities At Paradise Lost:


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» Bird watching: Paradise Lost Resort offers a unique bird sighting experience and is one place you are likely to find the rarest of the central highland species or the country bird species.

» Nature Trail: Paradise Lost Resort is a great place for nature lover with tree appetites. There are different species of indigenous and exotic trees, with such a site you will forget that you are in Nairobi. A coffee farm tour is also available if you have time.

» Water sports:  Paradise Lost Resort has boat rides and swimming opportunities. Enjoy a guided boat ride along the river for a thrilling experience of forest and nature. Fishing opportunities are also available.

» Ostrich feeding: Paradise Lost Resort has resident ostriches which one can feed and also ride.

» Explore the caves:  There are 2.5 million years old caves. The ones interested can study bat and other nocturnal animals and birds. Geology will also be a subject to be discussed at length.

» Horse and Camel Rides: Horse and camel rides can also be enjoyed here.

» Children:  At Paradise Lost Resort children get face painting and fun games etc..

» Catering and Camping: Paradise Lost Resort has food and accommodation on the grounds. You can have the Kenyan delicacies. Kuku and Nyama Choma at the cafeteria. There is a bar that's serves drinks and several picnic sites for camping.

» Best Time to Visit: Weekend is the best time to visit Paradise Lost. There is plenty to do with facepainters and so on. Sunday picnics are particularly popular! For a quieter time, the weekdays are usually very quiet so one can relax and enjoy at the fullest here.