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Thika - The Wonderful & Pleasant Nairobi Excursions

Thika Fourteen Falls If you happen to visit the African continent and wish to have the ultimate getaway, then head on to Thika in central Province, Kenya.

Thika is a small market town, north east of Nairobi. The main attractions are Chania Falls and Thika Falls, north of the center of town.Thika Falls was the background for many of the Tarzan movies.
There are wooden walkways across the lower Chania Falls and pools of rainbow trout downstream.

Location: Thika lies in Central Province, Kenya, lying on the A2 Road and located about 40 km north of Nairobi on the Thika River at 13 degrees South and 37.55 degrees east. It's about 35 minutes north-east of Nairobi.

There is a four lane highway between Thika and Nairobi, which is a fairly good road. The elevation of Thika is 1420 meters to 1550 meters above sea level.

History: The word Thika came from a kikuyu word "guthika" meaning to bury because the dead were supposedly buried here. The other explanation came from a Masai word "sika" meaning rubbing something off an edge. In addition, the area was originally inhabited by the Akamba tribe.

The origin of Thika has two theories. One has it that long ago there was a bloody battle between the Masai and kikuyu for the waters of River Chania and Thika, due to a severe drought that had occurred in that region.

Sightseeing & Nearby Places of Interest:Thika, Kenya is home to the Chania Falls and the Thika Falls, while Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park lies to its south east. The other attraction is the pineapples here, as the district is the prime pineapple-growing region in Kenya. Another exotic location here for sightseeing is the "Fourteen Falls". Thika is close to these falls and is the best and a popular picnic site.


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There is a national park in the south eastern part called Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. Also the town has historical sites like the Mugumo Gardens which is named for the giant fig tree where the ancient legendary seer "Mugo wa Kibiro" prophesied.

Shopping: The market on the eastern edge of Thika is worth a visit for the patterned sarongs and Masai blankets. Amongst the three main shopping places the Tuskys, Leens, and Mathai supermarkets are the most happening and cheap. All three are located in the main part of town. Only Tuskys offers car parking facility, while the stores customers park on the street. Leens does a good job of reserving parking spaces right in front of their for customer's cars. All three of these stores carry a large variety of things such as groceries, cleaning supplies, clothing, electronics, sporting goods, mattresses, etc.

Leisure Activities: Thika in Kenya just 40 km north of Nairobi, is the best picnic spot and most popular tourist weekend getaway. The markets here offer the best shopping experience to collect local artifacts and souvenirs. The amazing waterfalls in Thika provide the experience of lifetime. The best visit is the fourteen falls which emerges from the famous Athi River.