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Exploring the Wildlife Parks in & around Nairobi

There is a wide range of wildlife parks in and around Nairobi. These wildlife parks acts as a refuge for some of the endangered species and provides a natural habitat for a vast variety of animals. It is a well known fact that Nairobi will always live up to its reputation of being one of the world's best wildlife heavens. This is because this place is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and there is a vast scope of exploring the untamed wildlife species.

To protect its heritage of being a wildlife heaven, Nairobi boasts of numerous national parks having one of the best dwellings of wild animals. To provide shelter and protection to the animals in their natural habitat of the national parks, the animals in these reserves and sanctuaries are left alone and remain unharmed.

Most of the national parks like the Giraffe centre and Daphne Sheldricks Elephant Orphanage were set up to protect and provide refuge to the dwindling population of some of the endangered animals. Moreover, these centre's were established not only to provide refuge to the animals but also to educate the locals and tourists about environmental education, breeding habits and at the same time help naturalists, researchers, educators and conservationists from all over the world to do research and study the behavior of various varieties of animals. Some of the popular wildlife parks in and around Nairobi are Nairobi Snake Park, Giraffe Centre, Daphne Sheldricks Elephant Orphanage and Nairobi Butterfly Centre. These wildlife parks are within the vicinity of Nairobi and serve as a favorite travel destination for locals, tourists and visitors.